Move with Kids: Smooth Move Tips Utilizing Your Kids

Move with Kids Infographic FREE10 Tips to Gain a Less Stress Smooth Move with Kids

You’re planning a move and you are worried about the move with kids. You think you can do it more easily by yourself. Actually, it can go much more smoothly if you involve your children in the process. It will help them to feel in control and less afraid of the changes to come, and it will give you help.

Here’s how to Move with Kids:

  1. Pack their room last and unpack it first in the new home.
  2. Stick to the old meal and bedtime routines throughout the move to give them a sense of familiarity.
  3. Hire movers – you will thank yourself and you’ll have more time to help your children.
  4. Include your kids in some decisions: decorations, new plates, which new park to visit first.
  5. Find child and pet care for moving day to alleviate stress.
  6. Involve the kids in unpacking so they feel more invested.
  7. Prepare them mentally but be prepared for anxiety – adjusting can take up to 6 months.
  8. Get them pumped about their new school by taking a tour or even walking or driving by.
  9. Help them create a memory book of the old house, school, neighborhood, friends, babysitter.
  10. Remember to practice self-care so that you’re on top of your game for your children.

Let your kids get creative

Now that you have ideas for including your kids in the planning, let them get creative. You can make it a game where they develop ideas and take ownership of parts of the process. Everyone will be helping and you will all have more fun.

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Guest blogger Alexis Hall runs adds. I’m a single mom, and recently moved with my three kids (ages 4, 7, and 10) to be closer to my parents. The move, of course, did not go 100 percent smoothly. There were tantrums (me included!); there was a lost (but thankfully found!) stuffed animal; there was a packed to the gills moving truck whose engine wouldn’t start. But we made it to our new home, and we’re all settling in quite nicely. The kids love being closer to their grandparents, and I love having the extra help (and my own bathroom!).