Quick Tips to Stay Sober When Going Out

When the weekend rolls around, many groups head to restaurants, bars, and clubs to have a good time. It’s unrealistic to think you’ll always be able to avoid those places. Besides, you deserve a normal life just as much as anyone else and so does your partner.  When you or a friend has an added extra life into the mix (meaning a baby is now on board) this becomes a crucial decision. We are all in this together – supporting the building of better baby brains.

How can you go out and stay sober to support your future.

The biggest tip here is to make sure you head out with the right friends. And if you’ve been one of the drinking buddies who still drinks “support your friend in recovery.” To be honest, some friends are enablers. They will tempt you to use again even if they don’t realize it (Sadly, some
know exactly what they’re doing.). Get with friends that understand the huge challenges you face in remaining sober and won’t trigger it.

Here are some links with ideas to help you:

When going out, try to avoid places that only serve alcohol. If there’s nothing else to do there, the boredom can drive you to drink or get high. Instead, go out with friends to place with great
food and tasty non-alcoholic drinks. Even better is to hit places that have stuff to do, like trivia nights, video games, or dancing.

We are all in this together.

If you know someone in the healing process of addictions, reach out and invite them to be a part of your healthy community. Make sure it’s a time of acceptance, positive energy and sober fun. You can be the braided cord that make the difference for a full life. If you are a friend of a person who is conquering addictions, you may be able to build your own understanding for support and strength at Online AlaNon Meetings

Need some ideas for advocacy – stop over at Jody Allen Crowe’s website Health Brains for Children – We are ALL in this together.


Sarah Lockwood watched her daughter struggle with addiction for years. Despite being a former social worker, Sarah found that it wasn’t always easy to find the resources she needed in order to help her daughter treat her addiction. Sarah created ThePreventionCoalition.org to offer resources on substance abuse and addiction treatment and also to provide an online forum where loved ones of people dealing with substance abuse can meet and get the support they need.

Jodee Kulp has been immersed in the realities of Alcohol Use Disorders since a child beginning with celebrating the renewal of her family and parents who remained in sobriety 35 years after recovery, parenting children living with prenatal trauma and exposure to alcohol, embracing teens and adults through recovery. She is an international advocate for building better baby brains and Free Spirit Living. In 1986, she created Better Endings New Beginnings to offer research, resources and support for families and persons living with the complex challenges while in the healing process. In 2016, she co-founded the international effort, RealMindz.com.

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