Mastering – C.A.L.M. in the Chaos of Life – Part One

Change is how we grow – it is hard and anytime change is required it can be confusing, frustrating and overwhelming especially for individuals who live with multiple challenges.

Consider how you feel when you have too much on your plate and are overwhelmed. Remember, be appreciative and grateful. It is impossible to be both angry and appreciative. When you appreciate something, gratitude takes the place of agitation, frustration and unhappiness.

Here is how we manage ourselves to get through the change barriers
1. Take your time, do not hurry yourself or another person.
2. Be careful with your tone of voice, know your body language, use care in communicating.
3. Move to an safe non-threatening area if that will help person process.
4. Be patient.


out the issue.

Ask questions kindly using who, what, where, when, and how come. Avoid asking why.


the issue.

Reassure person with “I know you can deal with this. I am willing to help you. What can I do ?”



Listen carefully. What the message is. If it is unclear or confusing, ask “show me, I want to understand.


a change.

Discover one thing you can do about it and set a S.M.A.R.T. goal to make it happen.