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Jodee Kulp is a dynamic force to be reckoned with
in discovering ways to make a difference for children
with complex learning and behavior challenges.

Since her daughter’s diagnosis with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) in 1997, successful businesswoman and communications professional, Jodee Kulp has become a tireless speaker and advocate for adults and children living with the challenges due to prenatal exposure in the womb. Innovative and thoughtful her strategies have helped thousands of families

Her new venture, RealMindz with Johan Wiklander, Sweden and an international team of GoldenMindz who have accumulated hundreds of years in the trenches of parenting in hard places, seek to make an impact in helping families find balance within the the stress and chaos that can occur when parenting a child of trauma or one who faces extreme challenges.

She founded Better Endings New Beginnings in 1986 as a voice for the voiceless proclaiming international awareness in understandable and gentle ways to help persons living with unrecognized differences. This social initiative and self-publishing support program to ‘able persons to live full lives’ has secured seven prestigious Mom’s Choice Foundation Gold Awards, three USA Books of the Year, Dove Award, three Readers Views Awards, including 2010 Reader’s View Kids Children’s Book of the Year, and 1986 Judges Choice for Typography from the National Composition Association.

Better Endings gave ordinary people, extraordinary voices to show that better endings
are possible and new beginnings can be achieved with powerful stories to inspire,
build hope and provide wisdom to change the world one person at a time.
We hope to continue that mission at RealMindz.

Jodee is also a mentor dog trainer for the College of Animal Behavior and she donates her time to her local community as the TV host for Paws Up 4 Success at the Northwest Cable Television, non-profit community based public television station. Her program is live streamed and available at PawZup.net. She placed the first service dog for an FASD adult in 2008 and has spent past years researching how to encourage development of executive functioning in persons with cognitive challenges using canine partners at K9 & HumanKind.