Celebrating Red Shoes Rocks Visibility Together

You don’t have to sit around and hope your buddies aren’t going to the dive bar to watch the game.

Be proactive and start organizing your own action.

You can invite your friends to come along, or you can meet people there.

Check out the website of your local park district and city’s adult learning program. You’d be surprised to find classes, leagues, and groups nearby with all kinds of social activities: books, car repair, board games, basketball — you name it.

Think Big – START SMALL – Let’s go Red Shoes Rock Team – RED SHOES ROCK SOBER EVENTS

  1. 5K WALK & RUN – Here is the information to DO YOUR OWN 5K Grab some friends and ORGANIZE YOUR OWN RED SHOES ROCK 5K
  2. Host a FILM FESTIVAL –  Pop some popcorn and make some lemonade. Your yard or driveway can become a theater – dig out some old classics or purchase a new favorite – Be conscious of your neighbors and the kids. Personally I like dog shows – make this a family or neighborhood RED SHOES ROCK SOBER EVENT.
  3. Host a LET’S GAME IT PARTY – Indoor board games, card games or create your own games Or host an  outdoor GAME NIGHT
  4. RED SHOES ROCK NINJA COURSE – What a fun weekend event for adults and kids… make a Ninja Course
  5. RED SHOES ROCK CARNIVAL – Raise funds for your organization and public awareness by designing and hosting a Red Shoes Rock SUMMER CARNIVAL

Social activities can be a challenge when you’re in addiction recovery. But getting out there and spending time with people is so good for you. If you pick the right people and places, you can still have a life outside of using.

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