The Power of Neutral – 3 Steps to Reduce Stress – Part 4

shutterstock_263104373The first question you need to answer is: Where is your stress?

by Olga Nedo

Is it located in your neck or your head? Where is does that emotional pain sit—the anxiety, the anger, the frustration, the overwhelm? How do you do this? Find a calm and quiet place – yes, it may need to be in your bathroom with the door locked from the children. Breath through your nose and into your diaphragm slowly to calm yourself. Take a moment to allow your body to feel and not where pain reflects in your body.

Then ask yourself: Who/what is that pain in the neck (-body part-)?

Points of stress may include:

  • Chest
  • Neck
  • Stomach
  • Fingers
  • Feet

Who/what is creating all this discomfort in your body? Try to recognize the doer. If you look attentively, you’ll reveal that it’s not in your head or your neck, it’s not you at all. It may be multiple things or multiple people. It may be actions and reactions. And you are letting them stick to you like glue!

Write down those things that you internalize? Now that they are on paper you can look at them realistically. There are usually something external and illusionary and you are taking it onto yourself when you do not need to do that.

Here is a simple three-step stress reducing process offered by the psychologist Alia Crum:

  1. Don’t hide from stress, accept and acknowledge it.
  2. Keep track of how and where it causes the physical tension.
    • Keep in mind that stress reaction is associated with something you find important.
    • Analyze why it matters so much for you.
  3. Lower importance of some things in your life.
    • Make use of the energy you get from stress, redirect it for the positive purposes.
    • Enjoy the rise of hormones caused by stress. It can be pleasant 😉