Power of Neutral – 3 Top Tools to Reduce Parenting Stress – Part 5

downloadForget about exhaustion, inadequate sleep or migraine headaches, get through the upside-downs of daily life without panic. Find out about the tools you need to minimize stress and avoid collapse or burnout. Learn the essential tools for stress reduction after the long hours of oontact with kids or clients.  

The first thing you’ve got to learn is that you can be successful without compromising your health and well-being. You deserve to enjoy every moment of life. So let’s start discovering the most powerful stress reducing tools.

3 Top Tools to Reduce Stress


One of the things which may seem the most surprising about essential oils and aromatherapy is the scientific background: how many studies have been actually made to investigate the power of aroma? And how effective they can be for stress?

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One of the first and the greatest tools is going to be lavender augustofolia. It should be absolutely pure and organic, so you should choose the lavender producer carefully. How can you apply this tranquilizing herb? You can put a drop and rub it on the bottom of your feet or around our ear. It helps with all kinds of issues like anxiety, depression, insomnia etc. There are other essential oils that can be great for this purpose, but I’d like to start with something cheap and simple that you might already have in your house.


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Herbs can be used for all kinds of psychical disorders, especially when stress comes from your head: these are mainly the thoughts about the past and the future. They don’t only work in the moment, but also help to build up your resiliency. Your resiliency to stress can be improved by some types of herbs. You can buy the ready-made herbal teas, liquid herbal extracts or mix the herbs and create your own compositions. There is a formula of herbs that helps to literally calm the brain: chamomile + St. John’s wort + mint + motherwort +valerian + melissa

Emotional Freedom Tapping Technique 


This technique is based on the meridian points of acupuncture. This is something that you can easily do by yourself and for yourself. It includes stimulating and taping the certain points located mainly on your head, your face and hands. While tapping, you think about what causes the stress and focusing on what you feel.

You need to use the self healing trigger point: if it is located in your neck, close our eyes, locate between the tip of your shoulder and the christ of your neck. Apply the point within 10-15 seconds, breathe through it and let it go….  

You can see lots of guides on the net learning how to do it, just like the following one:

These were the 3 easy-to-make tools to reduce stress caused by kids-related or working issues. Except for the 3 tools as defined above, there’s a bunch of other stress reducing activities like yoga, deep breathing, massage, meditation, music or art-therapy and so on… Investigate a few of them, try to apply them and select our own best tool for stress elimination.


According to multiple researches, sugar is the number one stress and pain causing food, so try to reduce the sugars in your nutrition. Sugar is known to increase inflammation and cause more tension in your mind and body. Also try to cut down on caffeine, alcohol and tobacco.

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