Unshopping Holiday Adventures

As the economy has continued to challenge our family… we discovered fun and affordable giving ideas.

    1. Take our RealMindz unshopping challenge
      1. Support a cause – there are thousands to choose from – buy chickens and rabbits for farms in impoverished areas, help to purchase a well – here are a few charity ideas – Salvation Army •  Samaritans Purse •  World VisionRed Cross
      2. Donate to a scholarship fund or provide support to a community medical or dental clinic
      3. Give to food shelves
      4. Donate boots, mittens, hats and coats
      5. Sponsor a family for the holidays
      6. Donate your old glasses to the Lion’s Club
      7. Pick out three toys per each child to give to donation or faith center
      8. Sponsor a child in another country
      9. Donate time at a soup kitchen or animal rescue center – consider fostering an animal without a family
      10. Write thank you notes to people who have shown you kindness this yearmagnets-unshopping
    2. We’ve changed our holiday giving to one $10.00 gift we bring to our family hosted event. This special gift has been searched for all year to get the best stuff we can find. Each person – children and adults – contribute their wrapped gifts into the pile. Then we roll the dice and pick a gift – Each year my sister gets a bin filled with all her coupon rich free things from the hardware store – another adds a bunch of buy one get one FREE. Turning in loyalty points is fair game, homemade treasures, grocery deals, our gardens, dollar store deals and clearance bins create special finds! It is fun to see the creativity in frugal living and this has kept the holidays affordable.


  1. Try a different approach to retail
    1. See who can get the most things for FREE WITHOUT STEALING! (make-up samples, perfume samples, coupons) and discuss the difference of Give Away vs Taking
    2. With $5.00 and see who can score the best deal or deals with such a little amount of money.
    3. Walk a mile around the mall or town just window shopping
    4. Visit a store and enjoy a FREE EVENT
      1. if you don’t have any money for the make-up you REALLY like – take a selfie photo and a picture of the make up with price to save up for later.
      2. choose an outfit you really like try it on and take a picture to save up to buy it or when asked what you want for holidays – share the photo
      3. pet stores may have free classes for holidays
      4. home supply centers may have free classes
  2. Find a safe place to sit and people watch
    1. Mall, public area, park.
  3. Enjoy a free community event
    1. Children’s programs are delightful even if your child is unable to participate
    2. Consider attending a different faith from your own
    3. Attend a lighting program
    4. Attend an event of a different culture
  4. Host a clothes swap with friends
    1. Create new outfits then give the rest to a donation center.
    2. Your closets cleaner, friends happier and you get new free stuff too!
  5. Host a make something – gifts or yummy food day and split between friends.
    1. bake cookies, cook up freezer meals or make holiday appetizers
    2. make soaps, lotion bars or bath bombs
    3. deliver to shut in friends and neighbors with singing
  6. Host a clean a mess day with a friend
    1. share cleaning a closet, basement or can’t look room each other has.
    2. paint a room together
  7. Do a drive through difference or pay forward kindness
    1. pay for the meal or coffee of the car behind you
    2. buy grocery gift cards and share as your heart directs you
  8. Make blessing packages
    1. to give to the people posting signs for donations at the corners.
    2. to fill Shoeboxes for Kids that are shipped all over the world
    3. to give to community non-profits medical and dental clinics

Wishing you and yours a delightful holiday season of creating traditions that will last into the next generation.

Share your own ideas below so we all benefit!