The Best Music to Calm Kids

5-kid-friendly-headphones-for-your-next-road-trip-50dc7a3470-300x169It’s a common fact that listening to the music of some sorts can relieve stresses, lower anxiety and improve our night sleep. It one of the most affordable and efficient ways to balance our emotions.

Children are no exception. Whenever you want to calm kids down, lower their activity or decrease their pain, music comes to the rescue. The properly selected music can help you gain the brain break for having some quiet time and watching ‘Game of Thrones’. This piece of material discovers the soothing music which calms your kids down and helps them to sleep peacefully.

Turn on the same melodies day by day during the bedtime routine and train your kid to sleep while listening to them. Make the sound lower and slower, draw the curtains and turn on the soft light.

What Music Makes the Best Calming Effect on Kids

downloadThere are some nuances which need to be considered when choosing the calming music for the kids’ bedtime:

  • There should be a steady beat in the music.
  • There should be a repetitive and harmonic rhythm in the music.
  • It should be instrumental music, without any voice, since words sung by voices can distract and hold our attention.  
  • Give preference to chamber music, guitar music or music played on the solo piano rather than pieces for orchestra with a wide dynamic range.

Taking these tips into consideration, you can choose some instrumental compositions with a harmonic rhythm and a steady beat. What kind of music is it? Such melodies have primarily been created by European composers within the years 1700 – 1800. It was the High Baroque and the Classical era of Johann Sebastian Bach and Wolfgang Mozart, Telemann, Haydn, Carl Ditters von Dittersdorf and other prominent composers.

Hereby, I’d like to present you the top list of the best calming musical compositions of those times as well as some contemporary spiritual music for kids. All these melodies will have the long lasting soothing effect on your child’s mind and soul:

The other great option for calming your little ones would be finding the music that contains the nature sounds of rain, ocean waves and seagulls, desert or jungle landscapes, beach campfire, heavenly garden etc.

The music tracks with nature sounds are extremely child-friendly and relaxing. They help your kids to reach deep rest and sleep within just a few minutes.

Except for the music itself, the quality of sound is really a crucial thing. Select tracks that are recorded at the highest standards enabling you to enjoy the musical  in all its glory. You can find tons of websites like CalmSound where you can load a great variety of soothing nature sounds.

The Bottom Line About Music

Good music has universal appeal. Except for children, music can benefit the whole family. It has an incredible uplifting, soothing and harmonizing effect on any person regardless of his/her age. In some situations good music is the best relief and remedy.

By turning on the proper music, you make the little listeners feel filled with relaxation and inspiration. Ask your kids is they enjoy what you are playing for them. Ask them to describe their feeling, images and associations when listening to some sorts of music.


NB: Remember that your major goal is to evoke the love for music in your child, but not to make him the next Bach or Mozart. Listening to music is all about fun and pleasure, without any enforcement. Offer your kid new amazing melodies and rhythms and raise a music lover for life.

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