Music Therapy and getting kids to sleep

downloadMusic is healing. Music is feeling. Listen to your soul: what kind of music does it perceive with blissful joy? If you find your healing tune, you’ll have the best remedy ever!

If you are able to listen, are empathetic and sensitive to music, enjoy helping others and solving their problems, you may want to apply music therapy at home with your beloved ones or even become a professional music therapist.

Music can even be a powerful part of therapy for premature babies. Some tracks of lullabies have helped newborns to gain better weight.

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What Is Music Therapy?

The termina speaks for itself. Specially selected music is supposed to heal and balance people’s souls and minds. Music therapy is applying musical art to harmonize our emotions and make positive shifts in our lives.

It is the scientific psychological apporiach to empower kid’s mental, personal and social development. It is the most delicate way to correct children’s behavior and attitude to various life situations.

To start music therapy you don’t need to invite highly professional psychologists. Be your own music therapist, your own famly healer and helper. Just be into it, learn and study the music of the world. Listen to it with your kids and keep track of the sensations that emerge while listening to the particular compositions.


What Music Is the Best to Choose For Music Therapy?

It depends on your nationality, temperament, educational and cultural level. But there are some absolutely soothing kinds of music like instrumental classical music, nature sounds, electronic meditative music, ethnic music, blues, jazz and soul etc. Noone knows your kids better than you, so just being attentive, you are able to select the proper harmonizing sounds for them.

Small hint: You may remember some happy episodes from your childhood associated with music. Return in memory to the early years of your life when you’ve heard some special songs and music which which in particular have had the strong effect on you. Remember the best things that ever happened in your life to music. Try to play on these melodies to your offsprings and see what happens.

The Downside of Children Falling Asleep to Music

From the first side it seems so innocent – a picture of a little angel drifting off to sleep in the cool dad’s headphones. How falling asleep on the wings of music can appear harmful? According to psycological studies, the constant falling asleep to background music could also lead to problems.

I’m sure that all parents have tried to use music to soothe their kids before the bedtime, and sometimes it shows brilliant results. But if you tend to overuse the musical accompaniment, you may face the following trouble: the kid might not want to sleep without it. It’s not a problem when you stay at home with all the gadjets and the speakers. In the uncommon circumstances, on a trip or outdoor, the child may refuse to sleep without this musical part of the bedtime routine.

4633639The University of Missouri Extension reveals the fact that light and sound coming from musical devices can be disrupting and prevent your kids from having a good healthy sleep. Not all kids are actually equal in perceiving the music. If you have 2 kids sharing the one room, you may notice that their reactions to the definite music can differ.

What could be used as an alternative to music during the bedtime? Except for music, kids love the white noise machine sounds. Basically it can be any device like fan that produces a constant, repeating, quiet sound. There are even special “White noise” applications that can be installed on any smartphone or iphone. It offers a quiet sleep environment for your little ones.

So to recap, that would be reasonable to apply the music for soothing kids and help them feel relaxed, but try to eliminate or minimize the kid’s dependence on background music.

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A few pieces of harmonizing and healing music that can be used for therapy of kid’s anxiety and stresses

Relaxing Music Therapy Playlist – Yoga and Meditation – Sean Beeson

Indigo Dreams: Kids Relaxation Music, Bedtime Music

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Healing Reiki Music

* * *

Handel : Water Music

* * *

Pachelbel : Canon In D

* * *

 Happy Relaxing Guitar Music For Children 

* * *

RELAXING PIANO by Hirohashi Makiko