3 Tips to Save Time For Yourself

N-JtqnBOztkYou might say that it’s impossible to find time for yourself.

You must work, care for children and family deals, clean your home, go shopping, visit yoga, fitness or Mandarin classes (why not?), be awesome and beautiful, and so on and so forth. For all this stuff and even more you have only 24 hours, 7 days a week, 12 months, 365 days a year… You have a lifetime and in spite of this you turn and run as a squirrel in a wheel in a constant rush.

Stop! Take a breath. See what you can do to be left to yourself

1. Dear Diary…

 All successful people have a diary. If you still don’t have – you should buy one or start your own online blog. It is a really useful habit to write down your schedule, thoughts and dreams and follow it during the day. With the help of the diary you give a break to your brain. Get rid of the constant pursuing thoughts whirring in your head. “What have I forgotten? Did I pay the bills? Do we have a parent meeting today? Have I bought everything for today’s supper?” no longer vanish.


Having rest is becomes easy. Some people have trouble to figure out what they can do with their free time? Make a plan to fill in free minutes, free hours, and that once a year free day. You can take a siesta nap—because you’ve woken up too early and had to take the kids to school. Give this free hour to yourself. Take it. Enjoy yourself to the fullest! Maybe you dream about a revitalizing shopping tour without any haste or children. Or you might have an urgent need to visit a health care person. Just do it and enjoy it and don’t feel guilty.

lmqXs-JcpRkThe diary is your personal time manager and helps you to be more organized and productive. Use it. Feel free to doodle or write. List or don’t list. Let your diary be you whim on that day.

Don’t forget to analyze your day, correct mistakes, improve your schedule and plan your new day better than the previous one. And if life gets out of control, you can just open up to the last page and begin where you left off!


2. God Save Online Shopping!

Online shopping is a wonderful and almost brilliant invention. Thank you, Tim Berners-Lee for World Wide Web and Jeff Bezos for first online shop (Amazon, by the way).

When you are busy parent and working your time is priceless for you. You can do safe shopping in your favorite Internet-shop, order home delivery (including groceries and pharmacy), and pay for it with your credit card. Plus you can add a monthly autoship and save your order for easy reorder. You can do all this in front of the laptop sitting in your pajamas. Amazing! Now you don’t need time to make up and dress, you can avoid the mall and traffic. Be careful though. Use it wisely, because “online shopping overdose” could turn you into an anti-social creature with food in your hair :))

3. The Future is Already Here!


What machine could you use to free up your time?

Sometimes we just need to switch to something new and give up the old too complex things with no regret. Nowadays we have so many special equipment to help us to save time and clean our homes, cook and wash easier and faster.  Since the vacuum cleaner was invented in 1860 we’ve come a long way. Today we can not imagine our lives and normal house cleaning without it. The same can be applied to the washing machine, fridge, oven, food processors, etc. All these helpful things seem so common for us.  

We live in the era of machines. We can not stop it, and therefore let’s use it. Take an inventory of the machines you have and let them work for you. Perhaps a load of clothes, dishes in the washer and coffee on delayed time before you go to bed. Perhaps a meal in the crock pot before you leave for work and the delayed start of the breadmaker to arrive home to fresh bread and dinner. There are new food processors such as the steamer with the function of the delayed start. Think about how you eat and live.

* * *


Of course, the new technologies and intelligent machines are not the most important thing here at all. If you already have the comfortable and “smart” kitchen, I can give you another piece of advice.

On YouTube you can find a great amount of short and very helpful videos about how to cook delicious, healthy and at the same time simple meals. My favorite channel is Jamie Oliver’s  which tells us how to cook and make it easy and fun. It presents Jamie’s Everyday Super Food, Jamie’s 15-Minute Meals recipes, Jamie’s Comfort Food recipes, etc. Try it and have more time for yourself, don’t be afraid to experiment. It could become a family favorite!

Take a look at Jamie’s website and YouTube channel.

* * *

If you want some extra time for yourself, don’t be afraid to try something new.

Look for your own methods, discover how to save time and make it more productive. You are not a bee. You are a person who rules your own world.